Briana Marella announces new album Call It Love, and shares new song ‘Quit’

There is something enduring about great love songs. Briana Marela’s new album, Call It Love, out August 4th on Jagjaguwar / Rhythmethod, wraps its wide arms around the subject, invoking all its complexity. From the getgo, Call it Love opens with a reflection on a new love. An unfurling, ambient hum builds slowly, articulating that unmistakable head-in- the-clouds feeling that accompanies early love, before giving way to an uptempo melody and a clattering, joyful chorus. Layers and textures evoke its subtler feelings, while the lyrics speak frankly, holding nothing back. Deepening her songwriting and expanding her palette, on Call It Love Marela has made her proverbial giant leap to explore the sounds of love in beautiful, striking new ways.  Continue reading