Cut Worms shares ‘Song Of The Highest Tower’

Debut EP, Alien Sunset, out October 20th via Jagjaguwar

“Clarke’s songs as Cut Worms are filled with homespun charm and vintage patina, and “Like Going Down Sideways,” the lead single for his debut EP for Jagjaguwar, is some of his most pleasant work yet.” – Pitchfork

Cut Worms (a.k.a. Max Clarke) is excited to share “Song of the Highest Tower” via FLOOD Magazine. This is the second single off his first-ever EP, “Alien Sunset,” which is out next Friday, October 20th via Jagjaguwar / Rhythmethod.

“Song of the Highest Tower” was written on the same day that Loud Reed passed away in October of 2013. It was also inspired by the Arthur Rimbaud poem of the same name. Here’s what Clarke has to say about the track:

I came across the Velvet Underground in high school. It was new and unheard of in my little suburb and it changed how I looked at music in a profound way. I wanted to honor that, or if not, pay it back, and at least give some kind of credit. One thing about the self-titled Velvet Underground album that really struck me was that they were fairly simple songs, but each song on that album contained a whole revelation. There wasn’t any bullshit or filler or flash, it just was what it was and it felt important. With the Rimbaud poem, I happened to be flipping through this book of poems at the same time I had the melody to that song and it somehow matched up perfectly. When I was writing “Song of The Highest Tower,” I wasn’t actually thinking about any of this stuff. I just wrote it and recorded it on my 8-track and that was it. But now looking back, I’m able to say that it could be a tribute to Lou Reed of sorts.

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“Clarke’s forlorn, beautifully simplistic vocal harmonies do more to pull at heartstrings than the most excessive vocal gesticulations.” Brooklyn Magazine “15 NYC Bands You Need To Hear

“Max Clarke still has a firm grasp of his aesthetic, somewhere between the Everly Brothers and Harry Nilsson but with his own unique melodic spin” – Brooklyn Vegan

Cut Worms, a.k.a. NY-based Max Clarke, is announcing his debut EP, “Alien Sunset,” out October 20thon Jagjaguwar. He’s sharing the EP’s lead single “Like Going Down Sideways” along with its accompanying video via Brooklyn Vegan. Additionally, he’s announcing a fall tour supporting The Lemon Twigs and Nick Lowe around the U.S.

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Midnight Sister Share New Single

Saturn Over Sunset Out September 8th On Jagjaguwar

“Sounding at times like early Perfume Genius, L.A. band Midnight Sister shows off a knack for blending orchestral pop and psychedelia…”The FADER

“alluring and wonderfully timeless”Gorilla vs. Bear

“Their art-pop would appeal to fans of Broadcast, influential ’60s pioneers such as The United States of America and The Free Design, and Charlie Hilton.”Under The Radar

Midnight Sister continue their roll out of stunning visuals leading up to the release of their debut album, Saturn Over Sunset, due September 8th on Jagjaguwar. They’re proud to present the video for their new single, “Clown,” via Lenny Letter. “Clown” follows recent singles, “Daddy Long Legs,” “Blue Cigar” and “Leave You,” the latter two both receiving videos created by Midnight Sister’s Julianna Giraffe and her sister Nicky Giraffe. The sisters recently formed their own production house, Giraffe Studios LA, providing quite the stunning introduction for an exciting new band.

Watch Midnight Sister’s “Clown” Video:
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“an exciting and exhilarating new terrain for Marela” — Stereogum

Olympia-based Briana Marela explores the sounds of love in beautiful, striking new ways on her forthcoming album, Call It Love, released August 4th via Jagjaguwar. Produced by Juan Pieczanski and Ryan Heyner of Small Black, the album presents both her ambient, ethereal side and brighter, beat-driven pop leanings. Following the release of “Quit” and “Give Me Your Love,” Marela now shares “Feel What I Feel,” a song initially written about her first big breakup when she was barely twenty. In the recorded version, it bears a new sophistication; the lyrics dare the subject to jump back in, even as the music reminds them Marela doesn’t need their love to be happy.

Stream Briana Marela’s “Feel What I Feel” –

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Midnight Sister Share New Single “Daddy Long Legs”

Listen Here

Debut Album Saturn Over Sunset Out September 8th On Jagjaguwar

Catch Them On Tour This Fall With D.D Dumbo

Image result for midnight sister daddy long legs

“Sounding at times like early Perfume Genius, L.A. band Midnight Sister shows off a knack for blending orchestral pop and psychedelia…” – The FADER

“alluring and wonderfully timeless” – Gorilla vs. Bear

“Their art-pop would appeal to fans of Broadcast, influential ’60s pioneers such as The United States of America and The Free Design, and Charlie Hilton.” – Under The Radar

Midnight Sister continue their run of new singles today with “Daddy Long Legs” from their debut album, Saturn Over Sunset, coming out September 8th on Jagjaguwar. It follows the previously released singles, “Leave You” and “Blue Cigar,” both of which received videos expertly conceived and directed by Midnight Sister singer Juliana Giraffe and her sister Nicky Giraffe. The two have recently started their own production house, Giraffe Studios LA. In keeping with the cinematic theme of Saturn Over Sunset, Juliana designed an original movie poster to accompany the release of “Daddy Long Legs” (see above).

Midnight Sister — the project of intense creatives Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian — is brought to you by the isolating landscape of the San Fernando Valley — its colors, its diners, its lunatics, its neon lights. Both lifelong residents of this storied valley, Giraffe and Balouzian have only become more inspired by the area’s mythology over the years, it’s two-faced magical wonderland and tragic circus. And Saturn Over Sunset works almost as an album version of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, each song a character study of the valley’s odd personae.

Giraffe, 23, a daughter of an LA disc jockey, was raised almost exclusively on disco and Bowie. Her lyrics and lyrical melodies, informed very much by her filmmaking background, were composed gazing out from a tiny retail window on Sunset Boulevard. Her “Rear Window”-like longing allowed her imagination to run wild and cook up the wild narratives that would fill Balouzian’s compositions. Balouzian, 27, classically trained and already a go-to arranger for odd-pop names like Tobias Jesso Jr. and Alex Izenberg. Midnight Sister represents a first for both of them. It’s Giraffe’s first time writing and performing music. And it’s Balouzian’s first foray into playing true pop music.

Saturn Over Sunset is a shared musical vision of Hollywood’s oddest corners. It is the baroque, eldritch alley you must pass through to fine the speakeasy night of your life. You’ll come out bleary-eyed and the sunrise will be pouring all pink and orange through the smog and palm trees.

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Briana Marella announces new album Call It Love, and shares new song ‘Quit’

There is something enduring about great love songs. Briana Marela’s new album, Call It Love, out August 4th on Jagjaguwar / Rhythmethod, wraps its wide arms around the subject, invoking all its complexity. From the getgo, Call it Love opens with a reflection on a new love. An unfurling, ambient hum builds slowly, articulating that unmistakable head-in- the-clouds feeling that accompanies early love, before giving way to an uptempo melody and a clattering, joyful chorus. Layers and textures evoke its subtler feelings, while the lyrics speak frankly, holding nothing back. Deepening her songwriting and expanding her palette, on Call It Love Marela has made her proverbial giant leap to explore the sounds of love in beautiful, striking new ways.  Continue reading