Methyl Ethel share new track ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’

Methyl Ethel - credit Anna Victoria Best

Methyl Ethel are set to release their brand new album Everything Is Forgotten this Friday on Dot Dash / Remote Control Records / RhythmethodLeading up to the release, the band have shared a new album track ‘L’Heure des Sorcières.’ Meaning ‘The Witches’ Hour’ in French, the track demonstrates a side of the band that is dark and fantastical, Webb’s filtered vocal descending low into the mix to erupt soaring over a surging, foreboding arrangement. It’s an arrangement that heralds a band transformed. With the addition of a keyboard player to the live set up, Methyl Ethel return to the stage, equipped with the same charisma, but having honed in on the sonic heights reached on Everything Is Forgotten. Continue reading

Methyl Ethel announce new album for 2017: Everything Is Forgotten

ME EIF Announcement Image

Methyl Ethel have announced details of their new album, Everything Is Forgotten, alongside a new track and video.

Released on March 3rd via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records in NZ, Everything Is Forgotten is a vivid, compelling and mysterious creature, all sinewy, curvaceous pop nuggets and enigmatic currents. Written and recorded by Perth-based frontman Jake Webb, the album was brought to life by acclaimed British producer James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals). As demonstrated by last year’s single ‘No. 28.’, the pair’s collaboration has infused Methyl Ethel’s shoegaze dream-pop palate with electronic and polyrhythmic flourishes, allowing Webb’s keening, gender-fluid vocals and searing poetry to take centre stage.

Following ‘No. 28’ is ‘Ubu’, a frenetic pop song inspired by Alfred Jarre’s surrealist play Ubu Roi. A self- portrait of self-flagellation and guilt, its companion video, directed by Paxi, takes some of its absurdist cues from Jarre. Check out ‘Ubu’ below.

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 Perth gets hot. Scorching hot. The sort of heat that melts your brain like butter. They say cold places are ideal for making music – London, New York, Paris – all the usual suspects. But heat makes artists do weird things too, and that’s the space where Methyl Ethel live and thrive.

Watch: Methyl Ethel – Idee Fixe 


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