U.S. Girls shares new track ‘Mad As Hell’

Meg Remy, the unapologetic pop revisionist known as U.S. Girls, has just dropped a new video for her song ‘Mad As Hell’. The wall-of-sound arrangement and throbbing disco beat along with Remy’s “radiant voice” (Pitchfork) make a candy-coated Trojan horse for her powerful call to action for pacifism and impassioned critique of military spending. The video, which is directed by Remy and Emily Pelstring pieces together historic patriotic and military imagery. Remy performs throughout the video duplicated in synchronized dance moves flipping off her subjects recalling backup dancers of ‘60s pop girl groups. ‘Mad As Hell’ is off U.S. Girls’ follow up to 2015’s celebrated, 4AD-backed album Half Free. Stay tuned for more details on the album. Continue reading

U.S. Girls shares new video before her Auckland show in March

U.S. Girls has shared her new video for ‘Navy & Cream’ prior to her debut New Zealand show this March.

U.S. Girls

Monday March 7th – Auckland – Whammy Bar

Tickets from undertheradar.co.nz

You can watch the video here – youtu.be/1ZZ7cRPwFco 

Meg Remy as U.S. Girls will perform songs from her critically acclaimed album Half Free. The record is an honest and lyrically jarring exploration of emotions, drenched in a bath of raw beats and loops. Other album guests include Slim Twig (DFA), Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Guv), Amanda Crist (Ice Cream) and Tony Price.

NME has described her album, Half Free, as “the unmistakable sound of a star being born” and NZ Listener as “Menacing, but masterful“.  Meg’s home country, Canada, has confirmed the praise with a prestigious JUNO Awards nomination for Best Alternative Album.

‘Navy & Cream’ is the next track from Half Free to get its own accompanying video. Working with artist and animator Emily Pelstring, whose hand-drawn animations coupled with footage of Meg singing have been processed through various equipment like VJ software, a video projector, an antique video camera and an analog color-corrector before being mixed with a feedback loop on one channel and the original source material on the other to create a beguiling montage of screen-glare, echoing trails and softened edges.


U.S. Girls- Half Free

is a totally awesome record , we recommend you check out….


U.S. Girls drops new single & video ‘Sororal Feelings’ off album, Half Free 

 U.S. Girls


Watch here: https://youtu.be/khQcQot09SI

After recently releasing a 4AD debut, Half Free, less than two weeks ago, U.S. Girls (AKA Meg Remy) now shares a video for opening track ‘Sororal Feelings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khQcQot09SI) ‘.

Filmed by Lulu Hazel Turnbull and edited by Meg, the gripping footage represents the constant artistic evolution of Meg Remy, finding Half Free’s distinct portrait dismembered and dismantled as her signature blond locks are shaved off by Jennifer Hazel. The video represents the artist’s ongoing conversation with both gender and genre, as reflected throughout Half Free’s acclaimed collection of songs.

In Remy’s words, ‘Sororal Feelings’ was “loosely based on the character Nora Bass from the Michael Ondaatje book Coming Through Slaughter. What if you found out your husband slept with all of your sisters before choosing you?” The song samples Yvonne Carroll’s ‘Mister Loverman’ in a beat crafted by Meg.

U.S. Girls – Half Free ALBUM OUT NOW ON 4AD via Rhythmethod / The Label

U.S. Girls Official Site (http://yousgirls.blogspot.co.uk/) /

Twitter (https://twitter.com/yousgirls)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/yousgirls)

U.S. Girls shares new video “Window Shades”

Meg Remy shared another single from her upcoming release, Half-Free in the form of a music video for her new single “Window Shades” . It’s a surreal take on the “Golden Era” Hollywood, with Meg cast as bandleader of The Marimba Queens. Directed by Meg and Cameron Mitchell and produced by Renata Morales, you can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/LoTehhwo7Iw

Stay tuned for the new album by U.S. GirlsHalf-Free. Out via 4AD and Rhythmethod on September 25th.

U.S. Girls announces her debut album “Half Free” and shares video for ‘Woman’s Work

U.S. Girls will release “Half Free” on Friday September 25th, her debut album for 4AD.


The work of Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meg Remy, U.S. Girls has evolved in recent years from the coarse 4-track fidelity found on her early recordings to more luscious and unabashed works, packed with a fiery pop sensibility. Half Free is the next step in this impressive transformation, an honest and lyrically jarring exploration of emotions, drenched in a bath of raw beats and loops that have become the hallmark of her work with producer and frequent collaborator Onakabazien.

Other album guests include Slim Twig (DFA), Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Guv), Amanda Crist (Ice Cream) and Tony Price.

The second track to be heard from the album, ‘Woman’s Work’, debuted online today, accompanied by another hypnotic video directed and edited by Remy.

Watch ‘Woman’s Work’ here: 

Following up on the release of the mutant dub of ‘Damn That Valley’ earlier this year, ‘Woman’s Work’ builds further anticipation and intrigue; Remy has delivered a nagging, arpeggio-laced stormer, picking away at the themes of beauty and neurosis, with a video that examines our collective paralysis in the face of ageing.

“She’s the fast-rising exponent of luscious lo-fi DIY pop.” – THE GUARDIAN

“With each successive release, you’re never quite sure which Girl you’re going to get: the avant-pop deconstructionist, the 1960s traditionalist, the basement R&B diva.PITCHFORK






4AD and The Label are proud to announce the signing of a new artist: U.S. Girls, to 4AD’s ever-growing catalogue.

 U.S. Girls is the solo project of Toronto-based artist, Meg Remy, who made the move from her native Illinois, continuing her work as a multi-disciplinary artist whose work holds feminist themes at the core.

 This week Remy shared a new track “Damn That Valley”, which has dubbed ‘Best New Track’ by Pitchfork. The track is a reeling introspective dialogue of a widower who is struggling to find a justification for her husband’s death. The single’s title was inspired by American author Sebastian Junger’s War memoir. The musical video was shot independently by Remy in Washington D.C.

Watch the official video for “Damn That Valley” here
Direct link: https://youtu.be/93yOrb04Eao


Remy’s live performance has undertaken a myriad of experimentation and development – her voice cuts through as a constant and cohesive element, whether she is performing in front of a loud, live band or making use of backing tracks.

 U.S. Girls – “Damn That Valley” is out now via 4AD


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