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Debut album ‘Chapter One’ hits over 1 million Spotify streams

Thursday 14th December – Following the release of his debut album, Kings has shared with fans, two compelling new music videos for Chapter One tracks ‘Domino’ and ‘In The Sun’.

Today, the Aotearoa born singer-songwriter, producer and performer also celebrates clocking up over 1 million Spotify streams of Chapter One just 6 weeks after release, gaining new fans far and wide.

The two uniquely different songs reflect the two sides of Kingdon Chapple-Wilson’s songwriting craft, which on the one hand, can be celebratory and light, and on the other, be serious, complex and personal.

Following his independent philosophy of being involved across all aspects of his work, Chapple-Wilson directed the video for ‘Domino’ and co-directed ‘In The Sun’ with long-time collaborators, Tom & Fraser Grut of FROG Productions who filmed and co-directed the videos.


Written as a commentary on the modern age – a time of false Instagram idols, social media providing a vocal platform to all (those who love and those who hate), and of course, Trump-era politics. Created from the ground up at his Awataha marae studio, ‘Domino’ was written in the heat of the moment by Chapple-Wilson, who felt compelled to speak out against the hate, prejudice and false expectations we are exposed so easily to online through social media channels.

“My Facebook thread was filled with a lot of panic – a lot of fear and negativity – and that’s where the line came from. Don’t fall for them. Don’t fall for everyone else and don’t fall for the hate,” says Chapple-Wilson.

Today is the day of the follower.


A light, summery celebration track to represent the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another… ‘In The Sun’ takes on a more personal tone, letting us into the world of Kings through an audio-visual collage featuring his iconic Edgefest performance, this year’s Vodafone NZ Music Awards and even Beats 1’s Zane Lowe talking about Kings’ breakthrough on George FM.

“Success to me is… I measure it by my family, and if my family is doing good, then I’m doing good.”

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At this year’s Vodafone NZ Music Awards, Kings took home two Tuis for Highest Selling Single of 2017 and the Radio Airplay Record of the Year for his chart-topping breakout single ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’ released with Warner Music NZ.

Since he first caught the attention of New Zealanders during the summer of 2015 with the ubiquitous single, Kingdon Chapple-Wilson, the young producer, singer-songwriter and performing artist known to us all as Kings solidified his place in the New Zealand music scene as one to watch.

As he rose further through the ranks with his debut release Kings EP, he showed us his skills as a producer and songwriter, presenting the broad musical influences that inspire him. This led to four Pacific Music Awards (NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist, Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist, MAINZ Best Producer, NZ On Air Radio Airplay Award) and a string of powerful singles including ‘Someday’ and ‘What We Supposed To Do’.

His debut album Chapter One is a further extension of his exploration into the sounds of hip-hop, house and memorable pop hooks. Released independently on his personal label Arch Angel Records via digital music distributors DRM NZ, Chapple-Wilson hopes to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Chapter One is an album that supercedes any stylistic genre by blending Kingdon’s favourite flavours of slick electronic textures, danceable beats, underneath memorable melodies – further introducing us to his well-rounded sound. A personal tapestry of stories in a cohesive body of work that documents the young kiwi artist’s rise to the top.

A completely self-made man – every song on the album was self-written, produced and recorded by Chapple-Wilson at his Awataha marae studio, which has been home to his creative process since day one. See inside the studio with RNZ Music HERE.

Kings – Chapter One

1. Paradise
2. Beat Us
3. Get Money
4. Kush Rolled x Cup Filled
5. In The Sun
6. Domino
7. Intermission
9. All Night Long
10. Fly Away (Rainbow)
11. Damage
12. Vibe With You
13. We’ll Never Know

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