LANKUM – new single – ‘Sergeant William Bailey’

From The Forthcoming Album “Between the Earth and Sky”

Release Date: 27 October 2017

“Lankum are the darlings of Dublin’s 300 year-old folk scene.” Colin Irwin – The Guardian

Although an acoustic group whose repertoire is fundamentally based on traditional song, influenced by legends such as Frank Harte, Planxty, The Dubliners and the Watersons, subtle traces of the group’s collective influences can be detected, ranging from American old-timey music to krautrock and drone. Check it out! Fantastic!!

‘Satire in times of unrest is a potent a weapon as any, and this fact was not lost upon the ballad makers of Ireland’s past. Songs poking fun at the British Army recruiting sergeant were common in the Irish tradition and represent a class of anti-war song unto themselves. This one is particularly special in that the site of William Bailey’s recruiting attempts is Dunphy’s Corner, just down the road from where the members of Lankum live on Dublin’s northside. In our present era of social and political unrest songs that seek to lampoon and make fun of figures of authority, military or otherwise, are as relevant as ever.’ Ian Lynch, Lankum

Check out ‘Sergeant William Bailey’ from the forthcoming album now, here:

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