FUTURE ISLANDS Present ‘Beauty Of The Road’ Official Video As they start their Sold Out NZ Tour


Present ‘Beauty Of The Road’ Official Video

As they start their Sold Out NZ Tour

This year, Future Islands will have played an astonishing 117 shows in support of their latest album, The Far Field. The Baltimore-based trio performed in front of the biggest audiences of their 11-year career, topping festival bills around the globe and headlining three consecutive nights at London’s Brixton Academy last month and today begin their three date sold out NZ Tour – playing Wellington’s San Fran twice and Auckland’s Powerstation.

It’s fitting then, that the new video for ‘Beauty Of The Road’ (created by Jay Buim) depicts the hard-touring band in their natural habitat. Buim spent several days on the road with Samuel T. Herring, William Cashion, Gerrit Welmers and drummer Michael Lowry earlier this year, and his visuals capture the infectious energy of their live shows.


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Bully released their sophomore album, Losing via Sub Pop Records this past fall to critical acclaim with UPROXX naming it one of the best rock albums of 2017. Today, they are debuting their new music video for single “Running.” The video, which was shot in Nashville and directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, is a stylized take on early 90’s videos.  Without being too on the nose, the imagery explores how we run away from our feelings and how the media portrays millennials and youth.

Losing was recorded in Chicago at Electrical Audio, recorded and engineered by lead-singer Alicia Bognanno and is available for purchase here.Losing is the follow up to Bully’s critically acclaimed debut Feels Like. Bully is made up of founding members Reece Lazarus, Clayton Parker and Bognanno.
“The bass hops around nervously in nearly constant eighth notes, with drums syncopated against it à la the Police; a guitar on the left offers a neat new-wave hook while another one on the right grumbles occasionally with dissonant, distorted squawks. And as those tensions flare into multiple little crescendos, the singer Alicia Bognanno gets herself more and more worked up.” –New York Times
“Instead of recreating the Rorschach blot scream-a-thons of the ’90s, Bully choose to inflate that decade’s raw timbre with words that feel intimate and necessary.” 
“Alicia Bognanno has the loveliest snarl this side of Nirvana’s Live at Reading. That it’s in a pop-punk setting, with lyrics reckoning with adulthood, only strengthens its power.” –New York Magazine
“full of tough-earned wisdom and egalitarian rage, Losing is a high-energy, high-impact emotional workout for everyone involved.” –Wired
“Expect lots more of Bognanno’s sharp, cynical emotional insights and impassioned yells, all backed by Bully’s gnawing, ’90s-inspired sound.” -SPIN
“The record once again faces down youthful angst, but with a notable growth in Bognanno’s maturity” –Consequence of Sound
“Alicia Bognanno has a way of channeling her inner struggles into tightly-constructed and toiled-over rock songs with a classic touch.” 
“Losing is another blast of raw, Singles-era guitar rock that captures what made the debut so appealing.” Under the Radar
“Bognanno explores a lot of loss, diving headfirst into the complicated emotions associated with death, heartbreak, isolation and more. The result is an especially personal effort, a batch of songs that are blistering and angst-ridden, but which still boast a wink toward playful pop. Bognanno’s not wrong when she says it tops Feels Like.” –Nashville Scene
In rock – as in life – change is unavoidable, often painful, but ultimately necessary, and Alicia Bognanno and her band Bully have dealt with a lot of it since their debut record
Feels Like hit in 2015. Now with a new label and another couple years worth of life experience, the 12 new songs on Losing feel like perfect anthems for a generation still learning to harness the power of resistance. With a vocal style that is as pretty as it is powerful, and emotionally resonant lyrics, Alicia channels the loss of innocence and reveals a raw honesty in songs that are distinctly hers.
I love Bully the way I love Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr and the Breeders. Their sound takes me back to the stripped down and thoughtfully engineered songs that haunt me long after they’re gone and never get old. Another good reason to be with Sub Pop, who have always been associated with music that is built to last.
I feel like all my best work has been born of heartbreak and upheaval; maybe most musicians feel that way. “The title of the record –Losing – kind of says it all,” Alicia says. “After being on the road so long and coming back to Nashville we all had a lot of changes going on in our personal lives that we were trying to deal with / adjust to and that was really the motivation for this one.”
“Feel the Same” is about being stuck in the claustrophobia of a manic state of mind. It’s Alicia’s favorite song to scream. “Seeing It,” she says, is about the unique anxiety and vigilance about personal safety that comes with being a woman: “Such a blurring place to be / stuck in your own body.” Lately Alicia has been lending her voice as an advocate for gun control, women’s rights and speaking out in support of animal rights. In some ways my generation were in a bubble in the 90s; I never gave any thought to what Bill Clinton was up to, for instance – but in 2017, Losing sounds like a personal and necessary call to arms to me; we need rock n roll now more than ever.


Reveals double video spread
Watch ‘Domino’ & ‘In The Sun’

Debut album ‘Chapter One’ hits over 1 million Spotify streams

Thursday 14th December – Following the release of his debut album, Kings has shared with fans, two compelling new music videos for Chapter One tracks ‘Domino’ and ‘In The Sun’.

Today, the Aotearoa born singer-songwriter, producer and performer also celebrates clocking up over 1 million Spotify streams of Chapter One just 6 weeks after release, gaining new fans far and wide.

The two uniquely different songs reflect the two sides of Kingdon Chapple-Wilson’s songwriting craft, which on the one hand, can be celebratory and light, and on the other, be serious, complex and personal.

Following his independent philosophy of being involved across all aspects of his work, Chapple-Wilson directed the video for ‘Domino’ and co-directed ‘In The Sun’ with long-time collaborators, Tom & Fraser Grut of FROG Productions who filmed and co-directed the videos.



Shares new single ‘Night Shift’
Announces new album Historian

Lucy Dacus’ sophomore album Historian will be released on March 2nd 2018 on Matador / Rhythmethod. It arrives two years after her 2016 debut, No Burden, which won her unanimous acclaim as one of rock’s most promising new voices, alongside breakout single ‘I Don’t Want To Be Funny Anymore’.

The album announcement comes with the release of a new song titled ‘Night Shift’ which boasts a devastatingly powerful vocal performance and scathing lyrics telling off a former lover, the only breakup song Dacus has ever written.

Historian is a remarkably assured 10-track statement of intent that finds Dacus unafraid to take on the big questions — the life-or-death reckonings, and the ones that just feel that way. It’s a record full of bracing realisations, tearful declarations and moments of hard-won peace, expressed in lyrics that feel destined for countless yearbook quotes and first tattoos. “This is the album I needed to make,” says Dacus, who views Historian as her definitive statement as a songwriter and musician. “Everything after this is a bonus.”

Dacus recorded the album in Nashville, re-teaming with No Burden producer Collin Pastore, and mixed by John Congleton. The sound they created, with substantial input from multi-instrumentalist and live guitarist Jacob Blizard, is far richer and fuller than the debut — an outward flowering of dynamic, living, breathing rock and roll.

She emphasises that she does not take her newfound platform as a touring musician for granted.Realising that she would have a dramatically expanded audience for her second album, she felt an urgent call to make something worthwhile.

The past year, with its electoral disasters and other assorted heartbreaks, has been a rough one for many of us, Dacus included. She found solace in crafting a thoughtful narrative arc for Historian, writing a concept album about cautious optimism in the face of adversity, with thematic links between songs that reveal themselves on repeat listens — touching on everything from systemic racism to creative burnout to the death of her grandmother. “It starts out dark and ends hopeful, but it gets darker in between; it goes to the deepest, darkest, place and then breaks,” she explains. “What I’m trying to say throughout the album is that hope survives, even in the face of the worst stuff.”

Pre-order Historian: https://lucydacus.lnk.to/historian

Lucy Dacus – ‘Night Shift’

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SPOON Performs “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” Live on CBS


Spoon has just wrapped up a massive week in New York City, first taking over The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with a version of “Do I Have To Talk You Into It” that had the crowd roaring, then heading to Brooklyn Steel to play two sold-out nights. Pitchfork Live was there for the second show to live stream the performance.

If that wasn’t enough, they played three tracks and sat down for an interview at CBS This Morning on Saturday, then took to Town Hall to play Prairie Home Companion that night.

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TUNE -YARDS Present ‘ABC 123’

New Song + Video


‘I can feel you creep into my private life’


Tune-Yards has released a new song, ‘ABC 123’, from forthcoming album I can feel you creep into my private life.

Watch the companion video, directed by Dear Mr Quistgaard, below.

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The impassioned, self-titled debut from Los Angeles-band Moaning will be released March 2nd, 2018 worldwide through Sub Pop


On March 2nd, 2018, Moaning will release their impassioned self-titled debut on CD/LP/CS/DL worldwide through Sub Pop.  The 10-track album, featuring the “Don’t Go” along with highlights “Artificial,” “The Same,” and “Misheard,” was recorded and engineered by Alex Newport in Los Angeles.

Moaning have delivered a charmingly chaotic, black & white visual for “Don’t Go,” which was directed by Michael Schmelling. The video stars the band and a few of their dear friends, and was shot in Los Angeles in the waning days of summer.

Watch official video for “Don’t Go”

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Shares new single ‘Want Me ft. Trinna Carter’

Following on from his single ‘Anyting’, which was released via New Gen / Remote Control, Renz is back with ‘Want Me ft. Trinna Carter’, another laid-back summertime jam that will make you regret never getting around to booking that winter break to Mauritius.

Even managing to bring summer-vibes to the basement club of Birthdays in Shoreditch, if Renz and Trinna Carter’s new video doesn’t help you shrug off the winter chill, I don’t know what will. Filled with Renz’ blissed out approach to vocals and production, it’s an unassuming earworm.

Having executive produced the first New Gen record as well as creating one of the most popular song on it (Flexin’), London’s Renz steps further out of the pack and into his own light as a solo artist with ‘Want Me’, which will feature on forthcoming self-released mixtape Lifestyle.


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