Today, U.S. Girls presents a new song, ‘Pearly Gates’, from her forthcoming album, In a Poem Unlimited
out Friday 16 February via 4AD / Rhythmethod.

 On ‘Pearly Gates’, protean pop revisionist Meg Remy describes a woman who wishes to seduce St. Peter to secure entry to the heavenly realm, with mixed results. Featuring vocalistJames Baley and with music written by long-time U.S. Girls collaborator Louis Percival and performed by Toronto-based The Cosmic Range, Remy explains further, “Some years back a story was recounted to me about a man attempting to convince a woman to engage in unprotected sex by saying, “Don’t worry, I’m really good at pulling out”. I thought this was a hilariously stupid thing to say and knew that one day I would build a song around this line.” 
The single’s celestial companion video was directed by Chrissy Jones, who stars alongside Fizzy.
In a Poem Unlimited features dark meditations reflecting charged atmospheres that precede and follow acts of violence. Many of the songs are character studies of women grappling with power. Remy also rallies against the public lies told by political and religious leaders, and more crucially, questions the lies we tell ourselves in order to survive. In A Poem Unlimited may be Remy’s most individually distilled protest to date.
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