Arca shares new video ‘Saunter’

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Arca has released another piece of new music from his forthcoming third album. ‘Saunter’ is the latest in a line of emotive, powerful and deeply personal new songs that feature revelatory vocal performances from the London-based, Venezuela-born artist. It is available to hear via digital services and Soundcloud now.

‘Saunter’ – alongside recently revealed tracks such as Piel’Reverie’ and ‘Anoche’  will feature on Arca’s self-titled thirdalbum. Released on 7th April 2017, Arca is his first record for XL Recordings, following the release of his two previous albums:
2014’s Xen and 2015’s Mutant.
Arca has already received substantial critical acclaim for his new music, with Pitchfork describing it as “an intoxicating mixture
of suffering and lust that radiates from this bittersweet lament, and it’s just about impossible not to find beauty in his sadnesswhile The Guardian stated “Arca has grown in intensity and daring with each release, so it’s fascinating to see him pursue a
direction so intimate and exposing”. 
The new music has appealed equally to the Spanish-speaking world: Arca’s more recent songs sound at once contemporaryand very avant-garde, but they also evoke that Venezuela of never-ending steppes, the authentic one, that of the adventuroussoul and light music, beautiful and unforgettable” stated This Is Underground, while Rockdelux declared “In that shared spacebetween pleasure and pain, the beautiful and the ugly, the natural and the artificial, the human and the Martian or, simply, lightand darkness, the genuine voice of the Venezuelan musician emerges to give shape to a highly suggestive subject .” 

For this new record, Arca has continued his inimitable creative partnership with longtime visual collaborator Jesse Kanda. Inaddition to making the videos for ‘Anoche’ and ‘Reverie’. Kanda has created the stunning artwork for Arca, which will beavailable on CD, gatefold single vinyl LP and on all digital services.

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