The Miltones release new video as tour starts and debut LP out!

“Attending #TheMiltones album launch gig at Golden Dawn is turning out to be very smart decision #crazyorgan”  – Russell Baillie tweet, Books & Culture Editor at The NZ Listener

“The freshest sound in New Zealand popular music right now… [their] debut album is a modern classic”
Kim Gillespie, New Zealand Herald

“For everyone’s sake, turn this one up. Allow the power of the earthy blues to run through you.”
Emma Lumbus, The 13th Floor

“it would be surprising if they don’t make a massive impression.”
– Graham Reid, Elsewhere

Check the website for gig details!!

The video was filmed and edited by Alexander Hoyles (photographer & music video director) with help from Henry Williamson(Thievery Studio) on location at the Tabak family farm.

The Miltones songwriter and front-woman, Milly Tabak, talking about the video says “Pursed Lips was our opportunity to share our personality as a band, where we come from, and our relationship with music and those who share in the experience with us. The idea to shoot Pursed Lips at our Wildfire single came to all of us: We could include the amazing souls who dedicate time to help the band pursue music. It really was our way to show people that The Miltones is a beautiful community of friends and family. I’ve never viewed us as just a band – the video also reflects this through its honest and light-hearted feel.”

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Auckland folk rockers, The Miltones – set to release new single ‘Glory’

The Miltones are preparing to release their second single, Glory, on May 5th, 2017.

‘Glory’ is an anthem.

Not a Cohen 80 verse epic nor the much loved Jeff Buckley version of the uplifting Hallelujah. Or the rousing “Glory Glory Hallelujah” of The Battle of the Hymn Republic or of Elvis’ Dixieland.

The Miltones, Glory, is a raw plea for a way out of grief.

The rhythmic punching of the drums sounds like a fist on a wooden church pew as a young woman devastated by the loss of her beloved father desperately searches for an avenue to come to terms with her loss.

“Where will I lay, lay my burdens down?”

Recorded in the magical Sitting Rooms of accomplished Lyttleton producer Ben Edwards (Nadia Reid, Tami Nielson, Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams) the organ and fuzz guitar swirl to support the intensity of Tabak’s pleas.

Powerful, Hypnotic and Authentic. And Badass.

Album announcement details to follow soon.





“These guys are what I call Country and Westies born in bred in West Auckland, their music is wholesome and raucous Milly is like Steve Nicks on Janis Joplin’s drugs” – Rodney Fisher, Musician (Goodshirt)

“While Milly is from West of Auckland she has star-power of a Nashville cast-member who’s got lost in the backstreets of Lyttelton.” – Nick Atkinson, Musician (Hopetoun Brown)

MILTONES-17Gen PressWildfireAnnounce

Auckland band, The Miltones (please note – just the one “L”) are releasing their first ever-commercial single, Wildfire, on Feb 10th, 2017 and to celebrate will be sharing the new music video and playing a very special gig on the same evening! Wildfire was recorded in the magical walls of The Sitting Room in Lyttleton with Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams, Nadia Reid).

Listen to the track HERE ON SPOTIFY

The music video was shot at the Tabak family farm in one of the remaining run down glasshouses where the unkemptness and wild weeds references the story behind the song. Wildfire is Milly’s tribute to the supportive selfless strength of some very big hearted women that surrounded Milly and her family after the loss of Milly’s father and helped keep the family business afloat in their time of grief.  Milly says “This video was something I needed to do to honour pay tribute to their beautiful hearts.”


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