New video for ‘Half Life’ from gritty dance-pop duo Smerz (XL Recordings)

Smerz are on a roll at the tail end of 2017, with their second new track and video released in as many months.

Premiered on their NTS show, Catharina and Henriette’s new track ‘Half life’ continues the duo’s penchant for minimalist beats and R&B vocals.

Watch the video here:

The video was produced and directed by Smerz, and as with all Smerz music, the track was produced, programmed and sung entirely by the Norwegian duo. The video is an off-kilter version of those classic R&B music videos.



Today, New York’s Wiki is back to share a new video. “Stickball,” one of the standouts from Wiki’s recently released debut album, No Mountains in Manhattan, receives a visual treatment reminiscent of old New York that finds Wiki and company playing stickball in the streets of downtown Manhattan.

In August, Wiki released No Mountains in Manhattan to critical acclaim. Hailed as a “true New York poet” (The FADER), Wiki has further solidified his place as one of the most exciting young voices in rap with his candid perspective on coming of age in New York.

Watch “Stickball” below …


No Mountains in Manhattan

[Wiki] fully assumes the roles of storyteller and leader” – Pitchfork

Wiki just delivered one of the best rap albums of 2017” – DJ Booth 


Garage is back! Kurupt FM – Suttin Like That

The Lost Tape released 17 November
Share new single ‘Suttin’ Like That’

Having already made history by single-handedly bringing back UK Garage, Kurupt FM have decided to do it again with the greatest mix ever recorded – according to them. 

Taken from this legendary Lost Tape set, which was broadcast live on Kurupt FM 108.9 and was recorded onto cassette tape by an anonymous listener, ‘Suttin’ Like That’ is a 100% Kurupt original. MC Grindah says of the track “EVRY 2 OR 3 YEARS WE DROP A  NEW SINGLE. NOW IS THAT TIME.? SUTTIN LIKE THAT! MAKE SURE YOU COP DAT.”

With the music video premiering via BBC One’s new ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ show, ‘Suttin’ Like That’ kicks off the hype of The Lost Tape and goes some way towards proving it’s legendary status.

Once lost in a backpack in deepest Brentford, The Lost Tape has now been uncovered, remixed and mastered for the very first time. A journey across an entire CD, the tape documents the seminal tracks which have shaped club culture from Hammersmith Boulevard to the Champagne Steam Rooms.

Get ready for Kurupt FM to change the course of music history, yet again.

Kurupt FM – ‘Suttin’ Like That’
Stream / Download

Kurupt FM – The Lost Tape is out Friday 17th November via XL Recordings 

IBEYI Share ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ video New album Ash out today!


Share ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ video
New album Ash out today!

Friday 29th September 2017 – Overnight Ibeyi have shared a music video for ‘I Wanna Be Like You,’ a new song off their album Ash, out today on XL Recordings / Rhythmethod.

Lisa-Kaindé wrote the track for Naomi – her twin by nature but opposite in reality. Lisa-Kaindé explains further, “Sometimes I want to be like Naomi. I want her eyes, to feel the rhythm as deeply as she does, to dance like her, to be as wild as she is; sometimes I just want to be her for even just a few seconds.” The video, which stars the twins, was shot in France and directed by Remi Besse and produced by Standard Films. Watch the gorgeous clip here, or below.

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Released October 13th
on XL Recordings/ True Panther Sounds

shares new single & video
‘Dum Surfer’

Picture Credit: Frank Lebon

One of the most celebrated figureheads on the independent British scene, Archy Marshall returns with the dense, sprawling “The OOZ”, the much anticipated follow up to his debut “Six Feet Beneath the Moon”. Drifting and seeping through the cracks of South London like the album title, King Krule casts an unflinching eye over his kingdom, transforming his observations of all the disorientation and heartbreak of his youth into piercing narratives and poetry that are both startlingly honest and brutally beautiful. With “The OOZ”, Marshall finally takes the crown as poet laureate for the dazed and confused generation, painting a bleak and sometimes harrowing picture of a rapidly splintering city.

“The OOZ” is released October 13th on XL Recordings/ True Panther Sounds, and can be pre-ordered HERE. It also comes preceded by the raucous new single “Dum Surfer” which can be pre-ordered HERE, as well as a brilliant Brother Willis directed video which you can see HERE (link). This autumn also sees Marshall hitting the road for a worldwide tour this autumn; for further details head to

Where “Six Feet Beneath the Moon”, released in 2013, was a rigorous, rambling excavation of Marshall’s expansive body of work to date, “The OOZ” snaps into focus quickly and sharply, his modus operandi coming into view almost immediately. Over jazzy curlicues and guitars, the opener “Biscuit Town” sets out its stall irresistibly as Marshall sings about rapidly disintegrating romance and personal dissolution with acute, almost painful detail. These wrenching themes of self-annihilation and fraying relationships seem inextricably linked in Marshall’s eyes – once you lose yourself to someone else, you inevitably wind up losing yourself completely when they leave – and recur in other tracks. “Why’d you leave me? Because of my depression? You used to complete me but I guess I learnt a lesson” he spits on the roiling “Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)”, and, even layered with the warm vocals of Okay Kaya, “Slush Puppy” is an unsparing dissection of a couple with nothing left to give, like a Gainsbourg and Birkin ballad gone toxic. Elsewhere, things only get darker, as Marshall desperately tries to find safe harbor in the city he knows and loves, only to be thwarted constantly, as on “The Cadet Leaps” and first single “Czech One”. Not even the synthetic high of chemicals, as shown in “Emergency Blimp” and “A Slide In (New Drugs)”, can stanch the suffering.

Although seeming at first abstract, “The OOZ” as a title proves oddly fitting. There are references littered throughout about its physical manifestation, or as Marshall himself says, “about earwax and snot and bodily fluids and skin and stuff that just comes out of you on a day to day basis”. But it works on a more figurative level too, with the OOZ also representing the unknown depths or horizons the solitary mind can travel to, whether it’s sinking into the deep sea or soaring through the night sky. It may be messy, unwieldy, even unsightly, Marshall seems to say – but we need The OOZ in order to exist.

WATCH:’Dum Surfer’
(directed by Brother Willis)

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Shares new single ‘Anyting’ via New Gen / XL

The first track to be released via New Gen’s newly created imprint on XL Recordings, Renz’s ‘Anyting’is a laid-back summertime jam. It’s blissed out, chillin’ with your mates and it’ll be playing on your mind for the rest of the summer.

Having executive produced the first New Gen record as well as creating one of the most popular song on it (Flexin’), London’s Renz steps further out of the pack and into his own light as a solo artist with this first single on New Gen.

The video serves to enhance the track’s summer vibe, it’s a recognisable street party but with a more subdued, mellow late-night London feel.

Having released three singles already this year including Flexin’, Boom Bye Bye and Ya Dun Know, as well as performing with New Gen’s show at Lovebox, there’s a lot more to come from Renz and New Gen!

Renz – ‘Anyting’

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Drops new single + video for ‘Czech One’

Overnight King Krule shared a video for ‘Czech One,’ the first new music to surface from Archy Marshall’s acclaimed project since 2013. Directed by Frank Lebon, the video features Archy alone in his thoughts but surrounded by hundreds of strangers on a red-eye flight — as he contemplates his past, present and future. The visuals are a Noir-esque reverie, echoing the song’s atmospheric-downtempo-lounge-jazz-dream-state, where Archy muses, “To when and where the stars were formed, that glance upon this night / lightyears to sit upon and paint us as we lie.”

‘Czech One’ will be available as the A-Side to a limited edition 7” coming out September 13th via True Panther Sounds/XL Recordings.

King Krule’s debut album, Six Feet Beneath the Moon was released on XL Recordings in 2013. A New Place 2 Drown, a collaborative project between Archy and his brother Jack, was released in 2015.

King Krule – ‘Czech One’

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Taken from the ‘Close But Not Quite’ EP,
the debut album from
Richard Russell’s new collaborative artist project
on XL Recordings

Thursday 13th July 2017 – Back in May, record producer and XL Recordings head Richard Russell introduced his new collaborative artist project, Everything Is Recorded. With Russell at the helm, his west London studio ‘The Copper House’ had become (and continues to be) a creative second home for a revolving cast of vocalists and musicians who passed through to write, record and share ideas, mixing traditional recording sessions with extended, uninhibited live jams.

The Copper House is the setting for Everything Is Recorded’s debut video. Released today, the ‘Close But Not Quite’ video brings The Copper House to life, offering a first glimpse inside the building via a vivid mix of photography, film and graphic 3D reconstruction to tell the story of the studio, the people and the music that’s been created there. Within this setting we find lead vocalist Sampha ‘duetting’ across the generations with archive footage of Curtis Mayfield (whose 1970 ‘The Makings Of You’ is sampled on the track), in addition to appearances from (in order) Tic, Richard Russell, Brian Eno, Obongjayar, Ibeyi, Fabi Palladino, Peter Gabriel and Infinite Coles, photographed by Ed Morris. Mirroring the creation of the song itself, the ‘Close But Not Quite’ video is a joint work by a host of collaborators, in this case XL’s very own Scott Wright with Mark Prendergast, Kévin Bray and Phillip Schuette, who are part of Amsterdam’s emerging artist collective ‘Black Mountain Workshop’.

Watch the ‘Close But Not Quite’ video HERE

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